What is Relevant? An Excerpt from Robert Fritz



Sometimes books and life circumstances just line up.  For some reason – Robert Fritz’s book* is doing that for me this week.  It is stirring my curiosity – like in this passage…

What are our limits?  The truth is we do not know. The fact is that so many individuals have created what they wanted in the face of presumed limitations, that it seems unrealistic to impose limitations on ourselves before testing the waters, experimenting with, and engaging in the creative process.

This is not to say you must believe everything is possible.  One of the sillier mottoes of the New Age movement is “you can have it all.”  Creators do not make slogans the centerpiece of their creative life.  Creators understand that you cannot have it all.  You cannot be physically in two places at once; for example, you cannot physically be in London and Mexico City at the same time.  You cannot reverse time; you cannot hold on to anything forever, because anything that has a beginning will eventually have an ending.

If you cannot have it all, the relevant question is, what matters enough for you to create?

It is not relevant to “have it all.”

It is relevant to have what most matters to you.


*The Path of Least Resistance, Robert Fritz, 1989, p. 118

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