In Celebration of a Waiting Message


About two weeks ago I picked a book up off of my shelf that has been there for fifteen years.  I originally bought it on the recommendation of a friend.  Surely if they were impacted by the book – I would too.  Right?  But that didn’t happen.

I’ve made a couple of attempts over the years to make it through this book as an act of discipline.  But, as I recall, my attempts have always been kind of hit and miss.

I’m not sure what brought the change – but over these last several days I have found a new friend in this book.  It almost feels like I wasn’t ready before now to hear its message.  I don’t declare that as bad – just real.  Sometimes even the most powerful messages have to wait – because I’m just not ready.

I hate that…but I get it.

I just completed reading this book cover to cover – reading some passages multiple times.  I felt encouraged and challenged by its message in ways I don’t remember before.  It’s almost as if this book has been waiting for me to catch up with its message.

I wonder how many other messages are waiting for me to catch up.