Curious – An Introduction


Several years ago I was introduced to a new way of thinking about leadership.  At least it was new for me.  It started when I attended my community leadership program – Leadership Reno County.  It spread from there to the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC).  I’m told that the leadership ideas taught there actually trickled down from Harvard.  Whatever the source – they have been paradigm changing for me.

Many times over the last few years I’ve shared with colleagues and friends how much I wish I had been introduced to these ideas as a young man.  I hope that I would have been smart enough to embrace them back then – but it really doesn’t matter now.  That was then and now is now.  And now I’ve lived enough life to say from experience – these are valid principles.  They have substance.  I often tell people, when it comes to how leadership is being taught at KLC – I have totally “drank the kool-aid.”

So – as an act of affirmation and discipline – I’ve decided to embark on a blog series that I’m calling, simply, “Curious.”  The quest of the series is to navigate through each of the well-articulated principles of the KLC curriculum.   For those of you who have been exposed to these principles already there will very likely be very little new to be found here.  But for those who have not – I hope you will allow yourself to be curious with me for just a bit.

As a way of marinating you in the work we are about to engage in, I offer you the principles in their most concentrated form:

  1. Leadership is an activity, not a position.
  2. Anyone can lead, anytime, anywhere.
  3. It starts with you and must engage others.
  4. Your purpose must be clear.
  5. It’s risky.

I didn’t create these principles – I’m just a guy who has been impacted by them.  I’ll admit – I do love solid principles – and these seem to be doing it for me these days.  So here we go.

More soon…

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