Another Leadership Case Study: Pervasive Civic Ignorance

As another case study/interpretation of the current political climate in the USA, and the type of leadership needed to help us make progress in it, I offer the following video.  The video is a response from former Supreme Court Justice David Souter concerning the appropriate role of schools in producing civicly engaged students.  Before you declare this a snoozer…please give it a chance.  You might be surprised.

I find  Souter’s comments particularly curious, in part, because they occurred four years ago.  Just to clarify…it is not my intention to point to or blame any of the current candidates in this sharing.  I’m simply asking…is there any relevance to this?

NOTE:  The entire video is almost 8 minutes.  That’s kind of long…so if you don’t have time to watch the full video, start watching about 3:50 until the end.

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